Printable Canning Inventory

I have to do it. I need to do it. This year is the year!

As I’m sure you know, gardening and canning requires a tremendous amount of effort, so I want to make sure what we do in the garden and in the kitchen is purposeful. I want to make sure that if I canned too many salsas last year, that this year I don’t repeat the same mistake. I mean dicing bell peppers and tomatoes takes hours, right?! To the contrary, I don’t want to run out of our favorite homemade taco sauce in March, either.

For this reason I need to do a better job of tracking because I can’t just rely on my memory anymore. My thought is that a little bit of effort will go a long way. This season I’m going to record what was canned, how many jars were filled, and include some notes so that I have a document to to refer back to each year. Today, I made this handy, straightforward document (with just a little farmhouse flair) so that I can accomplish my goals.

The bonus? I’m sharing it with you! Feel free to print as many sheets as you need to log some of your most prized possessions! Happy organized canning!


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2 Replies to “Printable Canning Inventory”

  1. an inventory sheet total of everything canned and what you did freezing with what you used / to keep track of what is left in your inventory would be good also to have just a suggestion gonna try making kraut in a quart jar

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