Get to know Samantha from Green Pig Farm!!

Well, guys, I finally did it!! I met with Freddy Vasquez from FXV Digital, where we donned headphones and turned on the mics to talk about homesteading. This was the first I’ve ever done a podcast, but had so much fun recording it! We talked about how Green Pig Farm started, what keeps us busy, why we do what we do, and more!

You might be wondering Fred and I connected with each other. We have daughters who played volleyball together years ago. A simple carpool arrangement turned into nearly a decade-long friendship. He mentored me when developing a brand and website for Green Pig Farm. In return, we shared our garden bounty and homemade baked goods. (Ask him about our bread!) Fred is an awesome person –super genuine and honest, and a Green Pig Farm lover. To be honest he loves and supports lots of local businesses…not just us.

Here’s Fred’s Podcast summary: Samantha Shaak is a local school teacher who decided to put a cucumber plant in the ground many years ago and the rest is history. Homesteading is now her passion and Samantha hopes to inspire others to take control of their life through their food.

You can find the recording here: FredTalk #33 | Samantha Shaak

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